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What’s the best diet in the world?

I started to look at several other sports pages. Some of these pages are divided into low-carb diets, and some cheer for keto diet, intermittent fasting, PSMF (protein diet), vegetable diet, and so on.

Each team has a deep belief that its system is best for slimming and achieving faster results, and they try to convey this belief to their followers by silly talk about the body hormones of insulin, liptin and growth hormone. Etc. Everyone became confused. What is the best fast slimming diet?

The answer to this question, “What’s the best diet for slimming,” was answered by 12 scientists in a research published in September 2014 in the American medical journal JAMA.

The study was huge. Scientists searched for all published experiments on diet and slimming, which take into account these criteria:

  • The experiment took at least 6 months.There should be no drugs used in the trial.
  • The experience should be fair and not funded by diet sponsoring companies.
  • The results of the experiment should be measured in precise ways according to modern scientific standards.

The research reviewed 11 diet systems used in 59 rigorous scientific experiments on 7,286 obese patients. The 11 diets are:

  • Atkins
  • The biggest loser
  • Jenny Craig
  • Nutrisystem
  • Ornish
  • Rosemary Conely
  • South Beach
  • Volumetrics
  • Weight Watchers
  • Zone

You don’t have to understand what these systems are now. These systems are classified as low-carb, low-fat or balanced in the decline between carp and fat. The refore, the research discussed the results of low-carba or low-fat systems, not these diets mentioned specifically.

The results of the study:

Scientists found that in the first 6 months, low-carb diet followers lost an average of 8.73 kg and low-fat (high-carb) diet sat in 7.99 kg. That is, the difference is 0.74 kg in 6 months.

After 12 months, the difference between low-carb and low-fat diet swelled to 0.02 kg! In the long run, there is no preference for low-carb diets over other systems as some claim.

Modifying dietary habits and sports has an active role in slimming regardless of diet type.

At the end of the study, scientists concluded that no diet is better than another. The result is personal. The best diet for slimming is what you can commit to for more than two years!

If you read about a diet, the promoter promises it’s the best slimming diet, ask yourself first: “Can I stick to this diet for two years? Or even six months in a row?

A diet such as PSMF or Protein Sparing Modified Fast, based on eating only 800 to 1,200 calories of protein and vegetables. Yes, you can lose a quick amount of weight on it in a month or three months, but.

But what after you lose that weight? Can you only eat proteins and vegetables for two years? What happens when holidays and holidays come? When you go out with your friends on Thursday or visit your grandmother at her house on Friday? What are you going to do at a business dinner or at Seminar in a hotel with an open buffet? Or when you wake up and you want to eat corn flakes or a banana? Or when the exams come in and you need high mental energy? This does not mean that the PSMF system is bad. I’m already describing it to a few of my trainees. I know very well how well they can stick to this diet. And give them a break from this diet every time I guarantee their commitment to it.

Many people think that their biggest problem is losing their excess weight. And after reaching the perfect weight,

It gets easier then. You say to yourself, “All I have to do then is to  “eat less” and I will be able to keep up my weight throughout life. But if eating is effective, why haven’t you eliminated your obesity yet? Since the obvious solution is to eat less?

After months of diet, your metabolic rate decreases, your movement decreases and your appetite increases significantly. Maintaining your new weight is 10 times harder than losing it. This is what science has already found. That there is something called body fat setpoint or “fatty memory” engraved in your genes. Whenever you lower your fat percentage from this point, your body fights you in various ways to get you back to that point. Thus, losing weight quickly and starting to feel tough or hard to stick will not help you long.

This information is also summarized in the Eric Helms Food Pyramid:

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What is the most important thing for lossing weight as you see at the base of the pyramid? Changing habits and ability to commit. Not calories, not magical macros, not mealtimes and fasting magical dates. This is the first thing I discuss with my new trainee, the number of hours of sleep and his current eating habits. Because no matter how I describe it from Diet without changing its habits, it won’t work in the long run.

In this article I am not saying that a low-carb diet will not make a difference with you. There are people who respond better to low carp systems. These are people with insulin resistance. These people feel a frequent breakdown of energy, headaches, dizziness and extreme hunger with high carb systems. Thus, their commitment to low-carb diet is better in the long run. After treating the problem of insulin resistance with them, and improving insulin sensitivity with diet and iron exercises, I gradually begin to increase carp in their system. Conversely, those with high insulin sensitivity respond better to high carb systems. Everyone is different as the study reported.

And to answer the main question, what is the best diet in the world, this is what I found successful with me and with others:

1 – to achieve rapid results and remarkable diet to motivate you to abide by and exert effort

2 – to improve your health and nourish your body and meet your daily needs for sports and your working life, family and study

3 – to be flexible, you can eat many varieties without deprivation or starvation, because deprivation leads to explosion and frequent bouts of gluttony.

4 – to be able to abide by for life. And what I’m talking about is what some call a “calorie diet.” It is the weight of your food and calculate your daily calories and eat fewer calories than your body consumes. It is a process that takes you 5 minutes a day to weigh and write down food. It is a very productive effort. I hope this answer is sufficient.

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