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What is the Ideal fat percentage for My body?

Body fat is a figure that shows how much your body’s fat composition is. The health range is quite different between men and women, and it’s often very different for bodybuilders. These athletes aim to get a very low percentage of body fat so that their muscles are more specific. When body fat is reduced, even bodybuilders should not drop to less than 3 percent, if body fat levels are too low can be dangerous.

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Body fat percentage goal for bodybuilders

The average body fat percentage is between 18 and 24 percent on average, while the average proportion of women is between 25 and 31. For elite athletes, the numbers drop to 6 to 13 for men and 14 to 20 for women. Then there are bodybuilders pushing these numbers to the lowest levels. According to the United States Council on Exercise, the percentage of fat in men’s body must not be less than 2 per cent and the proportion of women should not be less than 10 per cent. Accordingly, the acceptable range for male bodybuilders is 3 to 8 percent and a female bodybuilder should aim at about 10 percent. Moving less from these numbers, especially for long periods of time, may lead to kidney and liver problems.

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