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Training at Home without A Gym membership

What progress do you expect when you train at home?

If doing weight training at home is interesting from the point of view of the organization of the sessions, on the other hand, it offers fewer possibilities of progression than the training room. If you are a beginner, you still have a good margin of evolution but more time will pass and more your progress will become difficult. Indeed, bodybuilding is above all a story of volume and intensity. The higher the weight, the more dangerous it can be to train at home alone, unless you invest in a high quality home gym.

This is where going to a gym can be interesting. The latter has many machines and sets of dumbbells sufficient to accompany your progress for a long time. In addition, you can take advantage of the advice of certified coaches to correct your movements and positions to avoid injuries.


Playing sports at home is easy! There are many ways to exercise at home, even if you do not have much time.

Skipping rope

Skipping rope is never given enough importance as it is a formidable fitness accessory to maintain one’s fitness at home. Its full exercise solicits the lower body but also tones the abs, arms and shoulders. Very easy to use, it is ideal for losing weight, having a flat stomach, gaining endurance and avoiding cellulite problems. Start with 5 minutes of jumping then gradually increase to 15 minutes (equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging) to finally reach a training of 30 minutes. Train at any time at home (on a floor not too hard)!

Exercise Bike Tone Your Hips & Stomach

It is obviously the very symbol of the sport at home. It helps to get in shape by improving its endurance; he muscle, without trauma to the joints, he refines the silhouette and burns fat; Finally, the exercise bike is excellent for preserving the cardiovascular system. Our advice: a good adjustment of the position is the guarantee not to suffer lumbar so take a few minutes to heal your posture (saddle at the hips and leg slightly bent on the pedal).

Abdominal sheathing exercises

Nothing like abdominal sheathing exercises to keep fit at home and especially strengthen the abdominal. The basic exercise is the abdominal board: resting on the elbows and feet, contract the abdominal and hold the position between 30 seconds and a minute. The body must be well aligned, as in the position of pumps. Do 3 sets with a recovery time of 30 seconds, 2-3 times a week. To work medium and large obliques, run a side board: from side resting on an elbow, feet and legs tight, hold the position or make small movements at the hips and pelvis, to complicate the task!

The gym ball for a flat stomach

The gym ball is a fitness ball that allows you to strengthen the deep muscles smoothly. If it mainly solicits abdominal (gym ball is very effective to find a flat stomach) it also helps strengthen the thighs and gluts. A gym ball is chosen according to your size and remember that the more flexible a ball, the easier the exercises are. We advise you to inflate it as you progress.

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