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Program to Lose Weight : Get Slim Without Diets

Many of us have no time to go to the gym. He doesn’t even have time to work out tools at home for a long time. What do you think if you described a program, a duration of only 7 minutes, leads to the loss of 2 kg fat and 3.5 cm of waist circumference in a month and a half? And this without any change in your current diet and without going on any diet.

These findings, found in a recent study , were published a few days ago (October 2017). Scientists tested this short program on 30 volunteers and recorded these remarkable results after only 6 weeks. The program also increases fitness and muscle mass (for beginners who do not exercise with iron).

The program was created by the American College of Sports Medicine. It is called Time saver high intensity circuit in minutes. Any high-intensity sports lap is time-saving. (This is my best translation.)

So how do you start the program today and lose an additional 2 kg and reduce your krish without diet? It’s easy. You will do 12 exercises in a row. Each exercise is 30 seconds. And rest 10 seconds between each exercise and exercise. After the first lap is finished, repeat the exercises one or two times (depending on your ability). These pictures of exercises from the site ACSM .

And for those who find it difficult to understand from the picture, this is a video that you can simply follow in your home.

Important Tips:

  • Warm up by running lightly for 2-3 minutes.
  • Cool by walking 3 minutes after finishing.
  • Drink enough water before and during exercise (half a liter is enough).

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