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All About Keto Diet : Fast weight loss

Keto Diet “Carbohydrate Diet” is a low carb diet and rich in protein and vegetables.

The benefits of carbohydrate diet go beyond When you get Keto Diet, you don’t need to count calories! You will only stay away from junk food from starches and sugars, replacing them with protein, healthy fats and low-carb vegetables.

Reasons for the emergence of Keto Diet

For decades, there has been an incorrect belief that fat in general is harmful to health. Low-fat products began to conquer markets as a result of this perception and became a lucrative business.

With the advent of these products, obesity began to appear at unprecedented rates. Studies have shown that healthy fats are beneficial to the body, as the levels of the hormone insulin in the body, and increase the rates of fat burning with a growing sense of satiety.

Strategies for dieting go beyond reducing carbohydrates in food. Along with the Keto diet, there are several diet regimes that have proven to be very effective in burning fat quickly.

Ketogenic diet in detail

You can eat when you are hungry.

Not to calculate the weight of food or how many calories inside? You decide what you eat depending on your health, and how much weight you want to lose. What you can eat: meat, fish, eggs, dairy, fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, nuts, seeds What you can not eat: sugars, starches, vegetable oils, trans fats, fast and processed foods and low-fat.

Diet Keto Diet

  • Meat: You can eat various types of red and white meat and preferably eat grass meat.
  • Fish: All kinds of tilapia, salmon, tuna, etc. Fish caught are the best.
  • Eggs: Rich in Omega 3.
  • Vegetables: Low-carb vegetables preferably spinach, broccoli, carrots, broccoli.
  • Fruits: apples: oranges: strawberries, grapes, pears.
  • Nuts: almonds, walnuts, peanuts, eye of the camel.
  • Non-fat dairy products: paradise, butter, cream, yogurt.
  • Oils and fats: olive oil, coconut oil, fish liver oil.

Foods to avoid

  • Sugars: candy, soft drinks, unnatural juices, jam, canned and dried fruits, cakes, ice cream.
  • Starches: wheat, barley, white rice, pasta, potatoes, beans.
  • Trans fats: hydrogenated oils “margarine”.
  • Vegetable oils: cotton oil, sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn oil and other oils extracted from plant source.
  • Low-fat products: Dairy and many products sold under the name of low-fat or low-fat products.
  • Manufactured products: Avoid all foods made with unknown ingredients such as sausage and burger.

Additional foods for health purposes

Keto Diet Diet is an integrated carbohydrate suitable for various health goals including weight loss. This section of foods for those who do not need to lose weight and healthy.

Tuber foods (potatoes): potatoes, potatoes Some types of grain banned in weight

loss: rice, oats Legumes: lentils, beans, beans.

Dark chocolate: Make sure the cocoa content is 70% or more.

The addition of dark chocolate to the list is due to its health benefits as an important source of antioxidants. Certainly should be moderated in order to get its benefits and avoid harm.


Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is an important part of dieting.You can also drink unsweetened coffee and tea with a glass of water for every cup of coffee or tea.

Ketone Dieting Table

The Keto Diet ensures that you get 50 grams of net carbohydrate on a daily basis.The table is designed for weight loss and you can increase the types of foods if you do not need to reduce your weight.

If you are hungry you can eat low-carb snacks such as:

  •   Fruit of fruit
  •    Yogurt full fat
  •   Boiled egg
  •    carrots  
  •    A bunch of nuts

You can see that the keto diet is not as dependent on quantities as it is about cutting carbohydrates below 50 grams.

You can organize a satisfied dieting schedule provided you follow the above rules.

Carbohydrate Diet Benefits

You can get extra benefits in addition to burning excess pounds when you follow the “Keto Diet” low-carb diet.

1- Weight loss

Most carbohydrate diet tests have proven to be very effective in weight reduction.

Follow the rule of reducing carbohydrate net to 50 grams per day until it reaches the desired weight. You can then add additional items.

2- Reverse (cure) diabetes 2

In contrast, 90% of people with diabetes can recover. Many doctors reject the word reverse diabetes, preferring the word diabetes control. Low-sugar diets are an important factor in the regulation of blood sugar, so keto diet can reverse diabetes 2 is possible. Diabetes 1 can also improve the body’s management of sugar.

3- Improved digestive function

Carbohydrate dieting affects digestion in the short-term. You will get less stomach cramps, eliminating gas within two days of dieting.

Treatment of sugar addiction Sugary foods are the most harmful meals to the body. Many people struggle to get rid of them in vain. Low-carb diets can reduce cravings for sugars and sweets.

Additional benefits are less common

  1.     Moderate blood pressure
  2.     Improves the incidence of acne
  3.     Treatment of migraine
  4.     Easing epileptic seizures for epilepsy patients
  5.     Reverse Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

Damage to the ketogenic diet

Stopping sugars and reducing carbohydrates have mild side effects, which may last only several days, you can overcome the side effects by following the instructions below:

  • Gradually reduce carbohydrates and sugars
  • Increase drinks and liquids
  • Temporary increase in salt in your food

Flu Search

Most of the side effects appear as a result of the so-called “Induction flu” or what can be called flu research, symptoms appear for up to 3 days when you start dieting low carbohydrates, common symptoms include the following:

  • a headache
  • Fatigue and fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Gsian
  • Nervousness

Foods rich in carbohydrates trap water in the body, because you stop eating these foods will lose excess water through the kidneys, which causes the body to dry with low salts at the beginning of dieting.

More common side effects in Quito Diet

In the first weeks of dieting some feel these symptoms

  • Cramps in the foot
  • Constipation
  • Bad breath
  • Heart palpitations

These symptoms can be overcome by drinking water, eating lots of vegetables, and increasing salts in food as we mentioned earlier.

Less common damage in Quito Diet

  • Decreased physical activity
  • Temporary hair loss
  • rash

You should consult your doctor if you start with Quito Diet

  • People with diabetes in general who are committed to specific levels of insulin in particular.
  • Hypertensive patients.
  • Breastfeeding.

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